Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Study in USA in 2014

USA is the most desired education destination for millions of students across the globe. As per the estimation nearly 500,000 overseas students are pursuing their higher degrees in the USA. The benefits that attract so many students include: 
  • Top Institutions:  USA boasts of some of the world’s finest educational institutions. A degree from a university in the USA is guaranteed to take you places, as their programs both in traditional disciplines and professional programs are highly prized by employers from any country in the world. USA boasts of such top ranked universities like Harvard, Princeton and Yale and many others.
  • State of Art Facilities: USA without a shadow of a doubt is the global leader in technology and their engineering and medical colleges boast of technological facilities that you’d be hard pressed to find in any other country. USA will always remain the choice of elite students throughout the world because of the quality of education that it provides. USA is the “Land of opportunities."
  • Never Ending Choices: There is nearly 4600 colleges and universities in USA offering courses in almost every field of study. From Engineering to Life Sciences to Business to Arts to Humanities etc. With over 4600 colleges and vocational institutions to choose from, you would easily find the course of your choice. While some colleges offer in-depth broad based courses in liberal arts and pure sciences, others offer diplomas in micro-niches like MBA’s for specific industries like hospitality and entertainment.

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  • Flexibility and Freedom: Most academic institutions in the US offer their students the freedom to design their majors and programs of study. You are also free to switch fields and petition for specific courses. Independent study is also available to suit individual needs.
  • Campus Diversity and Support Services: International students are always prized by US universities to provide their campuses with cultural richness and diversity. Moreover than 160 countries are represented by US universities and they provide a variety of scholarships, fellowships and support services like campus orientation and career guidance to help international students make the most of these crucial years.
  •  Financial Assistance: The GRAD school in USA offers generous fellowships .And through Teaching Assistantship and Research Assistantship, many a time depending upon the student profile complete waiver from fee is also granted.
  • Part Time Work Opportunities: Part time work options in USA is highly regulated . Students are allowed to work part time on campus up to 20 hrs. a week . However during holiday and college breaks they are allowed to work full time.

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Author: Manprabh jot Singh (Admission Counselor) (P: 9716000103 or E: manprabh@zenithabroad.com) 

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Changes in Malaysian Student Visa -- 7th October 2014

Introduction of New Compulsory I-CARD for All International Students

EMGS (Education Malaysia Global Services) has introduced a new I-Card, which can be used as an international student ID Card. This will mean students will not be required to carry their passports from now on. The I-Card was issued free from July 1st until Sept 30th but is now being charged at RM 50 per year.

As such, the EMGS Student Pass Processing Fee will be revised from RM 1,000 to RM 1,050 to include the cost of the card.

All applicants whose applications which are pending submission to the International Students Dept. will be invoiced RM 50 and this needs to be settled when they arrive at University.

If the card is lost, the student will need to make a police report and pay RM 50 for a replacement card. The card is valid for 1 year. If students change course or progress to another university, they will have to return the card to University to be returned to EMGS. Students will no longer need to carry their passport if they are holding this card. The card is issued by Immigration and is recognized by the Police as well.

For existing students, the I Card will be issued to students upon renewal of visa.