Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Student Aspiring Overseas Education – Don’t be Scammed

An eye opening incident of Tri-Valley University (US), which every student aspiring for overseas education should know. The article is not only about unauthorized agents but also universities.   
“Some of the best Universities of World are situated in Canada. These Universities have world-class infrastructure and all modern teaching technologies. All this put together Canada attracts students from all over the world. Number of Immigrants students has risen by 15% in a year in Canada.

 A university based in Virginia is supposed to have 2400 students. Out of this number 90% are Indian students.

 To enter Canada one needs a passport and Canadian Visa. This is the juncture when the students get cheated and fall into the trap of unauthorized agents.

“International Universities prefer enrolling immigrant’s students and which is why most of the Canadian Universities have raised their fees and entry criteria too. Immigrant’s students can pay twice the tuition fee of what the locals can pay. “

$20 billion is contributed to the Unites States every year by the international students. This makes the education the fifth largest export service in the country.

There are instances when these universities are not able to reach the international students directly. On such occasions they depend upon the local education consultants. Most of these are not authorized by the concerned Department. In the name of Tuition fee and processing fee they charge huge amounts from the aspiring students. The financial incentive attracts the agents to misguide students. There is every possibility that the student might select a wrong college or university as guided by the agent.

Many of these colleges are without any proper infrastructure and are raided by the authorities.

 Tri Valley University as raided in the recent past by the Federal Government. They had to shut down the University after receiving instructions from the Government.
 The receiving countries have taken different measures to curb this issue. USA has allowed the universities to pick up their own agents.

 Looking at the growing concern Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney has announced that, “the immigrants must know to protect themselves.” He also said that they his department will do everything to protect the integrity of Canadian Immigration system.

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